VR installation


At C-mine the history of the Belgian mining industry is relived through a stunning 4D VR setup. VR goggles, hand tracking, wind and movement turn this into a unique experience.


Go underground and experience the reality that confronted miners. See for yourself just how dark it was in the dimly lit corridors. Feel the sweat trickle into your eyes in the sweltering heat, the dust pickle your nostrils. Strain your ears for the voices drowned out by the deafening noise of vibrating drills. Feel the ground shake in the wake of the countless explosions. Listen to the hacking of metal on stone as the jet-black coal is extracted…

Interactive Installation & integration: CREATE -
Multimedia Director: Frederique Malbrancke -
Hardware Integration: Christophe Hoebeeck -
Concept: Alfavision -
Content Partnership: Sevenedge

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